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Site Haritasi
Bize Ulasin
Berberoglu, S. Optimising the remote sensing of Mediterranean land cover. PhD Thesis 205 pp. Faculty of Science, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK (1999). Danışman: Prof.Dr. Paul J. CURAN ve Prof.Dr. Peter ATKINSON.

Berberoglu, S. A research on the impact of afforestation on the coastal dune ecosystem in Eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey. MSc. Thessis, 139 pp. Institute of Science, University of Cukurova, Adana Turkey (1994). Danışman: Prof.Dr.Güniz Akıncı KESİM

Ress.Assis           Cukurova University Agriculture Faculty                    1991 - 1999
Dr.                       University of Southampton, Southampton UK            1995 - 1999
Assist.Prof.         Cukurova University Agriculture Faculty                     1999 - 2004
Assoc.Prof.         Cukurova University Agriculture Faculty                     2004  - 2009
Prof.Dr.               Cukurova University Agriculture Faculty                     2009  -
International Refereed Journals
Contact Information
Cukurova University, Landscape Architecture Department Adana / TURKIYE   01330
+903223386545 /121   e-mail: suha@cu.edu.tr
Published International Books or Book Sections

Berberoglu, S. and Curran, P.J., "Merging Spectral and Textural information for Classifying Remotely Sensed Images", (eds) de Jong, S. and van der Meer, F. In Remote Sensing Image Analysis: Including the Spatial Domain, Kluwer Academic Publishers. 375 p. (2004). ISBN: 1-4020-2559-9.
International Conferences and Symposiums

Undergraduate and Graduate Lectures

PM 477 Peyzaj Planlamada Uzaktan Algılama
PM 473 Peyzaj Planlama Projesi (Ortak Ders)
PM 474 Peyzaj Planlamada Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemleri
PM 476 Peyzaj Planlama Projesi (Ortak Ders)
MU-  Mesleki Uygulama (Ortak Ders)
P-  Staj (Ortak Ders)
PM-546 Uzaktan algılama ve coğrafi bilgi sistemlerinin Kıyı yönetiminde uygulamaları
PM-547 Uzaktan Algılamada Arazi Sınıflama Teknikleri
PM-559 Peyzaj Planlamada Kaynak Analizi ve Uzaktan Algılama
PM-561 Peyzaj Planlamada Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemlerinin Uygulamalar
Academic Honors, Prizes or Scholarships
Norway        June-Sept. 2002        research (Scholarship provided by Research Council of Norway)
Germany June-Sept. 2004 research (Scholarship provided by DAAD, Germany)
USA Aug 2005 - Jan 2006  research  (FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP) University of California Berkeley, University of Maryland.        
Çukurova University Science Award (2001 and 2004)

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